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The Cutest Baby Shoes!

I am a huge fan of shoes, espcially when it comes to my son. We have so many shoes. I always find it is hard though to find the shoe that will be diserve and work so well for him.


We like the easy shoes, that aren’t overcomplicated. That is why I brought these super adorable baby moc’s! They are soo adordable and comfy. Plus they are super adorable.

At first I was worried about whether it would be bad in the rain, but it actually wasn’t. They were super comfy for him.

Plus, even so, we were able to use these as slippers. Right now those panther moccs are our mocc of the month, and on sale on our website for $20. They announce the new style at the beginning of each month via their email newsletter, so make sure to sign up for that too!

There are so many color and size options so go snag yourself one. BirdRock Baby Moccasins – 30+ Styles for Boys & Girls! The best part.. is they even give back! Every Pair Feeds a Child

You can find out more and shop directly here too!

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  1. These are adorable. I definitely miss the stage where my little ones were wearing smaller shoes. (Although there are still very cute shoes available for 3 and 5 year olds).

    It is great that there are different color options available – I love when shoes have choices (even for me!).

  2. Those shoes are so freaking cute!! I typically don’t put shoes on my babies, because they always kick them off lol. These are just too stinking cute to not have them wear.

  3. YES! We loved our bird rock mocs when my son was smaller. They’re so much more affordable than other brands out there and I loved the variety of colors. They always fit great and looked so cute!

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