The Hampton Vacation Recap

We took a vacation in late July and it was honestly the best thing EVER. I loved every second of it. Of course it was super relaxing.. I always get super excited but anxious for vacation. But once I get there I love it and it just goes by so quick. I mean it really does. I love being able to go on a vacation with my family every year; it has been a great tradition since the day I was born.. and now we get to carry that on with Antonio. Though he’s still young I know he will appreciate it with years to come.

I didnt really go on social media much when I was on vacation and it was honestly the best thing. I didn’t stress about posting or stalking people.. I mean I like to keep up with people but at this point I just let it all go and said let’s truly enjoy this and keep my phone away whenever possible.

Antonio wasn’t a fan of the pool, but he loved his grandma and her snuggles.. did I mention my big boy slept in a toddler bed!?! He would wake up and come into bed with me. This isn’t how we normally do things but hey! Anything goes when you’re on vacation!



We went shopping in the downtown area.  The guys went kayaking and fishing… it looked like tons of fun but I stayed bed and laid outside!!

In case you didn’t know Chris made corn hole boards (diy coming soon!) we played corn hole all night. It was fun losing! My brother rich was the champion for literally like every game! But the memories are what mattered the most!

We slept in or so it seemed like it! I can’t always sleep in but sometimes I do! I of course got massages and pedicures. It was so relaxing and fun! It was my birthday so this was an even better birthday gift!

Oh and how can I forget the water fun – we went in the pool and went to the beach!! I don’t love water but I do enjoy it when it is warm. It was nice to be able to go in the pool because it was so gorgeous out! If you plan on going to the beach note that it is crazy expensive! We had to pay $20 to park, food was crazy over priced, and to rent chairs or umbrellas was another $20-$30. It’s okay to live a little bit if you can bring things to cut back on expenses I would highly recommended it.

Note: my allergies and sinuses were horrible and I had to double up on meds to fight through it!

So moral of the story is create memories. You don’t always need the Monterey items – vacations will create memories better for the kids rather than tangible items. I don’t remember gifts or items I had when I was younger but I do remember all the vacations and fun we had!

hamptons summer vaca

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