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The newest way to color!

I am always constantly looking for new and fun activities to do with my almost two year old. I try to keep him away from the television and iPad whenever possible. We are just getting into coloring and making a lot of arts and crafts so I was incredibly happy when I found Kids Devar ; Play With Bookz. I never knew how fun coloring books could be!!


Quick overview – you get to color like a regular coloring book then once you are done with it you see the image come to LIFE! It’s so freakin cool! My kid was GLUED to the phone.

It’s super easy! You download the app and find the book in the app, enter the code that is on the back of the book, and point it over the picture! I was really hesitate as to how it would really work. But in all truth, it was super easy and fun. I couldn’t believe it! I never experienced anything like this.


It defiantly was a fun filled activity for the family. They have so many coloring book options: Fairytale Land, Cars, Winged Friends, The Purple Island, and so many more. There is such to be a great book for everyone!

The best part is that the app is FREE, so all you have to purchase is your coloring book, which is just $15.99. Not sure how it really works? There is a great demo on their website where you can try it for yourself! Go get started!! 

PS Hurry there is a MEGA giveaway going on right now via Instagram! 

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  1. Wow. I can’t keep up with all the cool things out there! Lol This is a whole new level of coloring. Is it adult friendly? Because, sometimes I feel as though children are better with the new apps than me.

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