The perfect clothing for women + preggo mommas!

We all know how hard shopping is when you’re pregnant. You want to still look good and have the best style with that bump. I looked SO hard when I was pregnant with Antonio for the most perfect clothing.. I looked over and over again, nothing. I got so bummed out that I couldn’t show off my style when I was pregnant. Then one day.. I found Pink Blush Maternity. Seriously, I should of invested stock in them!! Their stuff is WAYYY to cute to not wear while preggo!! Just wow. The prices are out of the world too!! Most of the times they have some sort of sale going on, but I didnt mind the pricing for what I got.. We love to support small shops and help you save money so we wanted to share Pink Blush Maternity! 
I still have all my maternity clothes from them because I can wear it not being pregnant, it still looks THAT amazing, no joke!! Plus I wont need to buy as much when we have baby number TWO! 😉 Since I had Antonio they expanded EVEN further.. They now have Pink Blush Women!! So not only do they have a maternity line but now just a line for women! SO AWESOME, right? I am so glad that they have this brand new line because I can get some super adorable clothes like this dress!!!! It has taken me a bit to feel good about myself after baby number 1 but goshhh I am feeling mighty good with this dress!!
I was super stoked when they added this line, just because I want of everything. I am verryyy particular to their spring/summer line! It is the best. I love the flow loose fit and all things maxi. So this is a HUGE win for me. It’s all just so cute I can’t even stand it!!
I got this royal blue dress because I wanted something more causal for work. It seriously is so comfy. The best part is you can wear it now (where it is 97+ degree in Teneesee).  I LOVEEE some heels, all things heels!! These were perfect for the dress and gives that extra touch to it. You can add a belt to the waist to make the dress pop more!
I think silver goes so much better with this dress than gold, but that is my opinion. You can really wear this dress all year long, too! It’s THAT awesome. I promise! Head on over to their site and snag something! You’re welcome! 


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