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The Prettiest 2018 Planners, EVER!

It is hard to believe that it is already September and 2018 is just around the corner. Most businesses find that they need to start planning for the new year, can you believe that!? I know I am one of them and I am starting to plan goals for my new year.. With that being said, I am in LOVE with these perfect planners: Simpflied Planners by Emily Ley. 

Daily Simplfied Planner Gold Dot

The Simplified Planner is a beautiful, joyful agenda for busy women in all seasons of life. Designed minimally on purpose, its open pages serve as a fresh start every day. We believe margin matters, and our mission is to inspire women to organize, simplify, and carve white space for the good stuff of life.


Simplified Planner Schedule Tip

Seriously you have to check these out for yourself.. And don’t let them get away… They were just launched TODAY, but they usually sell out quick, within a few days so HURRY!

Simplifed Planner + Page Marker

Did I mention how FREAKIN adorable they are?!? Go get your shopping on so 2018 will be successful!!

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