The relief of selling a home..

WOW! Happy Friday, first off! Most of you know that we have been super busy with getting ready to move. We remodeled our house and pulled it together in three weeks, we have been around the clock working constantly. My husband is a ROCK, he would come home from work and get things done on top of his full time job.

We had to get thing done. I had to be patient and spend a little money to make money. If you follow us, you know that we brought this house foreclosed and re-modeled it. We made it our own, I am super sad to leave it behind and hope the new owners take care of it.

We had photos done, we had a video done we had a lot of things done in order to sell it. We know that it would sell just a matter of time. Everyone I talked to, said houses are selling QUICK! like three days QUICK! I couldn’t believe it and said “I wish mine would sell that fast.” 


Little did I know.. it did. It was on the market for FOUR days and the full value offer was put in, how could I ever turn that down?! I was shocked, excited, and sad. Sad because we are leaving this beautiful house behind, but I know someone will appreciate it as much as we do! Hard work does pay off. It pays to be organized, patient, and prepared. The biggest thing I have to say is be prepared, get things done that need to be done, allow for time and prepare for the best. I still can’t believe it sold that quick! 

Now we are looking for homes in Ohio, and my goodness we are running into the same problems when we brought our last house! We couldn’t find one that we liked. It seems that houses are all out dated, mind you we are young modern people. I see wallpaper in peoples house still when looking for houses.. I see crappy pictures at houses we look at, all of these things do make a difference. We might just buy another foreclosed home… and do it all over again; after all it was fun and is kind of our hobby now! 

Here’s to a successful new house in Ohio!


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