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The Top 3 Best Gardening Tips

Planning is essential to growing a successful garden. You must start by finding out your climate, soil type, average rainfall, and sunlight exposure. This will determine what kinds of plants you can grow and what supplies you’ll need.

  1. Pick Your Plants: Lettuce is quick and easy, since you start with seeds in the garden. Make sure to look for heat tolerant varieties if you’ll be growing and harvesting in the summer.  Tomatoes are a plant that provides big payback;, this is my favorite thing to grow. Pick about 3-5 items to grow, especially if you are new to gardening. It is always smart to find a blog, or book, that you can refer to when gardening at first.
  2. Gear Needed: You will need to have a full-size shovel if you’re digging into the ground, plus a hand towel for smaller work. You will also want to make sure that you have some gloves for pulling out some weeds, etc. Consider a hose and sprinkler, as well. After all you might not want to garden them manually. Sometimes when it is too hot outside it is better for the seeds to actually get more water with a sprinkler.
  3. The Right Spot: Plants are only as good as the ground they grow in. Typically, you will want to use the spot that gets the most sunlight so they can grow. Plus, ensure the water .is near by if possible.

You can always make do with the items that you have already., Be sure to do some research before starting, too. Even if you have been gardening before, you can consistently learn more about bettering your practices.

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