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The Top Three Reasons Why Everyone Needs a Vacation

It doesn’t matter if you work, where you work, or how often you work; Everyone needs a vacation. This getaway doesn’t need to be anything crazy either. It can simply be a mini-vacation two hours away from home. I am not kidding. It will do you good. Hear me out.

The truth is that vacations HELP you. Don’t let yourself find excuses such as not being able to afford something, whatever that something is. You can do it. You need to take one. What’s even better is if you can experience a vacation away from the kiddos!! I use this planner to put together my vacation budget.

My husband and I took a trip back in August to Nashville to celebrate my birthday and our anniversary. The journey was kid-free, and it was the BEST feeling ever. I did have to do some work while there, but it wasn’t anything that I couldn’t do!! I was nervous; this was the first real time we went anywhere without our son. We left him with my parents, but it was like four nights without a kid! At first, I felt so down and called my parents A LOT because I didn’t know if they could handle it. The joke was on me. I was excited to use our new suitcase, we were able to really pack a lot with this suitcase.

We drank a little too much, hung out with old friends, and just enjoyed time doing nothing. We came back relaxed and ready to take on the world again. There is so much that comes from a vacation regarding mindset. More importantly, we were able to reconnect with each other. Life happens, and we can’t always have the time that we need.

We love to eat, so we went out to some of the best restaurants, and even  went to a comedy club. Of course we did tons of shopping and exploring the area even though we lived there many years ago. We did look to find out some new ideas from this book.

You feel rested, amazing, and like a new person. That is what vacation is ALL about!

But even small trips away will work. Last weekend, I went to a corn maze with the girls. I was gone for about five hours, had fun, drank wine, and laughed a little. This stint felt like a vacation to me; I was away from my husband and my son. These getaways are so essential to have at least once a month if not more often. We all need it! PS if you love wine, then you need this wine box!

When you take these breaks, be sure to unplug. Make sure you aren’t calling your kid and SO all the time. Get off social media and enjoy the moments! If they need you, they will get with YOU. Enjoy the time that you have apart from them.

When was the last time you had a vacation?



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  1. We have three big vacations planned for next year. That doesn’t count the weekend trips and day trips. Helps us keep going.

  2. The need to decompress from time to time cannot be ovetemphasised . That is one problem we have in my country, Nigeria: We work without making enough room for relaxation. Thanks for sharing your own experience as an illustration.

  3. I love this. Every year I go at least 1x on vacation. Being away from what you are used to is definitely what you need.

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