Think You Want to Work From Home? Here’s the Truth

The idea of working from home always sat in the back of my mind. I was lucky enough to have a few jobs before working for myself that allowed me to work from home as time permitted. You know it sounds dreamy, and people are jealous of it.

But when you are a business owner and work from home on top of being a parent, let’s face it. It’s 1000x harder because you don’t have that accountability.

If you are really making the transition to work from home life, here are some of my BEST TIPS:


  • TIME MANAGEMENT IS REAL: Do not waste any minute or second of the day. You will want to have a routine and schedule: period. No matter what your career is, set those hours and routines as if you were in the corporate world. You know what you are capable of, how long something takes, and how much time you have, so use that time VERY wisely.
  • YOU’LL FIND YOURSELF WANTING TO NOT WORK FROM HOME.: You are going to find excuses or reasons. You know, I can do work while the kid watches tv or sleeps. NO. It is never that easy, there is always something, take my word for it. You know that one task will take a whole ten minutes, but the kid is screaming, and the dogs need fed, and you can’t get it done. So, you beg someone to take care of all your problems. Coffee shops, and even the library or a bookstore, are my best friend. I can really DIG IN and tackle the work that matters most.
  • YOU’LL LEARN TO GET VERY CREATIVE.: You learn that you will find a way. Whatever way that is. I remember when my ex told me he couldn’t take my son to his school on Thursday mornings anymore. Instead of being mad and changing my routine, I was able to create a solution and hire a babysitter. That was my creative choice. You find a way when you need to.

Working from home has its pros and cons like anything else. IF you want to work from home simply to do it, then you won’t be successful or productive. You need to have systems, detailed organization, and time management to truly succeed.


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  1. I loved working from home (even more so, now that I have a FT job outside the house!!), and you’re so right! There are so many things that take trial and error (and effort)!

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