Three Daily Easy Routines For Single Mom’s 

Three Daily Easy Routines For Single Mom’s 

Being a single mom I have learned how to manage my time better than ever before. I have learned how to really track every single minute of the day in order for it to be successful. I do not like being in a rush or being late whenever possible; this is why I have such a great system and routine in place. 

    1. Start the night before: I am not a morning person. My brain is barely awake in the morning and therefore I do not like doing a whole bunch of things in the morning. When I wait until the morning to do things that is when my anxiety and stress kicks in.  There is a ton of things to do in the mornings and I do not have time to do it all. 


  1. Making sure they have a set bedtime: Enforce your children’s bed time. This might take some getting used to, but when it is bedtime Antonio goes into his room and goes to bed. I make sure that his isn’t on the phone or watching tv. I let my son go in his room at 9 P.M. and sometimes he sits in there and talks or plays, but he is in bed ready to fall alsleep. You also want to make sure that you FOLLOW a bed schedule. This will help you in the long run for sure. You do not want to not get enough sleep only for the morning to be a nightmare when you can’t wake up on time.
  2. Prep the night before: This means for yourself and the children. Get the clothes out for the next day, take a shower/bath, do your hair, meal prep and get lunches ready, have any bags packed, etc. Making a checklist for each night will be so helpful for you, and the kids, as well. 

When it is just me as a single mother there is so much more to every single minute of the day; I follow some easy tips and routines to help my schedule flow nicely. Find ways to make your schedule efficient as a single mother. 


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  1. Starting the routine the night before is SUCH a great idea!! I’m going to implement some of these tips into my own routine haha

  2. Love your suggestions for getting things ready the night before! I’m not a single mom, but I can definitely appreciate this, even for just myself!

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