Three Things I Outsource

As an entrepreneur, I can’t do it all. No business owner can. You can’t keep all the profit and expect to live a happy life; there’s just no way. That’s why we price items so strategically so we can plan for these moments. Trust me, I know. I want to save and have more profit, but I can’t do that when my time gets wasted. Outsourcing is critical.

I hope to outsource more in the future for sure, but right now, I outsource three things:


  1. Writing and Editing: I have a writer as a contractor who edits and writes as needed; it’s that simple. She is highly affordable and does an amazing job. My gibberish sometimes doesn’t even make sense, so it amazes me how great she writes!  
  2. Accounting: Math is my weakness by far, hands down. I have an accountant and a CPA. My CPA helps me get everything ready for quarterly taxes. My accountant does all the other boring stuff!! It is one of those tasks that I hate doing, and will not ever touch again.
  3. Admin Work: I have someone who helps keep business going — from making sure numbers one and two are being taken care of to having a flow from client on-boarding moving into monthly client retention. It’s almost like an assistant, but it is a life saver!

I have systems in place. Plus, I have a fantastic team and will keep growing my team. I hope to continue expanding them the way that they need to increase. It brings me joy to be able to outsource whenever possible. What do you outsource?


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  1. I agree. If there are areas that we don’t feel strong in, and out business can be better served by someone who is awesome in that area, then we should outsource. Also, it gives us more time for creativity.

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