Three ways to make some extra cash

I know first hand that there are secret ways to make money in small amounts. People laugh at me when they say you barely made anything off these things but the truth is they are addictions and I enjoy the hype of getting money in return!

1- coin jar: I’ve talked about it numerous times and always will. I have mother in laws and grandparents who keep their change in a jar and give to me to bank for Antonio. $70 here and there can add up! It’s simple. I hate having change lay around in my car so this is a simple solution!

2- bottle & can returns: Some states may vary but here in New York they recycle and want your bottles. Everyone got a kick for this! I made like nothing off the bottles but I know that I can get money back in small amounts. I can use it for toll money or even for a quick lunch fix! All you really need to do is have time to go to turn in cans & bottles for money. Usually it’s 0.05 a can, but it’s super easy to return them! You can have people save cans for you if they don’t want to get rid of them their self. this works great if you just got done having a huge party!

3- sell things: okay this seems pretty straight forward right? No. You have to be smart about it. You have to know what people want to buy and for how much; you can’t just sell things for full prices! We have been at my parents house just for a short time but we are already bringing back to Ohio with us things they don’t want. We are going to flip and sell them. Coach bags, tools, computer stuff etc. find a way to sell larger selling items in exchange for money. This won’t work for everything so be careful and have a plan first! I sometimes even buy baby clothes that are on clearance (like SUPER cheap) and resell them on yard sales sites!

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