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Throw The Perfect 60th Birthday Party

I have had such a fun time planning my mothers 60th birthday party. After all this only happens on in a lifetime. Planning parties is always so fun and great. I do love to plan parties whenever possible. Sometimes I over do the parties, so I had to make sure to not spend a lot of time and money on this party.

My dad was able to get the location and get a mega discount there, so we had the place chosen. I had to plan this party from a far (we live in Cleveland and she lives in Rochester, ny). I had to get some decorations, some prizes for the games, and send out the invitations, etc. I wish I could of did more (finalize the wedding, have more decorations, and get there earlier). But you know life happens.

I wanted this party to have some fun games to play.  So I thought of some fun and different ideas. We played 1958 the price is right (how much did things really cost), trivia in 1958 (what was really happening), and lastly Mary Ann’s favorite.

When you are planning a party, set a budget, we made sure to keep the decorations to a minimum. Part of the problem with this too, was that I couldn’t see what the actual place looked like so I needed to have some creativity happening.

Enjoy our favorite items that we used to plan this 60th awesome party.

For the prizes I chose: Prizes/gifts for games

60th birthday decorations

If I had to go back in time to make some changes I would allow a buffet rather than ordering from a menu. I also would of had a nice photo drop backdrop! But overall I am happy with the way it turned out!


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