Tips For a Gluten-Free Journey

Here we go starting one theory to help my son with his autism. Moms after moms have sworn by so much to improve the situation. I have learned a lot on this autism journey that I could never have imagined. I never realized how much our food is critical for learning and development. How food affects us EVERY SINGLE DAY.  

I thought I ate well. All this time? I mean, I like chocolate and bread. Those are my addictions, if I am going to be honest. Time and time again, I have heard moms talk about going gluten-free when their child is autistic. I have listened to them talk about going dairy-free, and getting rid of red-dye items. I am like WHAT is this nonsense?

When Antonio had chronic ear infections when he was much younger, we put tubes in his ears. I did research. He was still getting ear infections with tubes. SO, we went dairy free because milk increases mucous (who knew). P.S. I am not a doctor nor do I claim to be. This information is my personal experience. We had to put in new tubes, so what better time to go dairy-free? We did, and NO ear infections, nothing. TWO years later, we still have the same devices and have had perfect hearing and NO more ear infections.

Back to being gluten-free. PARENTS SWEAR BY THIS. I researched again to find out more before we began. There are numerous different ideas and theories. You just have to think about it.

  • Why we chose to go gluten-free/red-dye free. We heard it helps with behavior, learning/processes, and even our son’s stimming. I want the best for my son, and I am willing to take risks (see our last blog post). I am a fighter and do not let anyone tell me something until I have tried it. Even his doctors and therapists have said it is worth a try.
  • I am not sure how I am going to give up chocolate and bread. OH, and pasta. But, you know what? We will adjust. We are strictly eating meat, fruit, and veggies. These should be the only items on your plate. We stopped taking vitamins just because of the fact that they contain the red-dye in them that is HORRIBLE for anyone. Get rid of it.
  • My husband has been gluten-free for under six months, so he has been waiting for us to be 100% on board with this lifestyle. It’s kind of scary and nerve-wracking, but at the same time, I need to do this for my son and hope for the best.

I’m sharing this journey now with you all, also. Keep up with us and maybe you will learn something or even get healthier along with us!


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