Tips for Stocking up on Bread

If you are anything like me you probably LOVE bread I mean it’s so delicious. There are endless possibilities about what you can do with it! You can make your own garlic bread, use it for buns, make sandwiches, etc. You know!!

I save money by stocking up on bread. There is a small little bread shop that is dirt cheap and we buy it from there. No questions asked. The bread isn’t high end or anything special, but it helps us save money. I can get hot dog buns, hamburger buns, toast, regular bread, and 2 additional loafs for just EIGHT dollars! REPEAT that with me, EIGHT dollars! 

Sometimes we will buy Hawaiian Bread and biscuits but in reality I would much rather save money then spend more money on something. From there I freeze ALL the bread! I pull it out as needed; if we are having hot dogs I pull the bread out when I pull out the hot dogs. I promise y’all it is so efficient and a no brainer!

Do your research in the area and find places where your money can be saved and used wisely. There are always little small shops that you can get a bang for your buck so make sure to find them, subscribe to their email list, and use coupons if they allow!!

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