Top coupons To Use To Save

Do you want to get started on coupons but aren’t sure how or what to do? Couponing is a job itself and can be overwhelming. You need to make sure that you start off small and then work your way through. There are always coupons that are pretty much freebies!!

1. Toothpaste- this usually always has a coupon with it every so often. Plus when it is on sale it is usually lik a $1 off so you are getting it for a steal! Stock up on it

2. Toothbrushes these usually go on sale for about a dollar plus usually there are coupons for it so it’s basically free. I stock up whenever possible.

3.Deodrant this usually goes on sale for under $2 and there are often coupons too! You can find some of the bigger brands like Secret for free with the coupon and being on sale!

4. Feminine Pads/Liners/Tampons: These usually are on sale for $2 and then have a coupon with it. You can usually get these for free if you watch out for a sale price!

5. Shave Gel/Cream: This usually goes on sale for under $2 as well and then has a coupon for $1-$2 off, you just have to watch for these items to go on sale!

6. Detergent this goes on sale often and usually have a $2 odd coupon ifs pretty darn close to free and you have to run whenever you see it

7. Canned Soup this usually goes in mega sale in the cold months for fifty cents then you can have a coupon and it’s basically free. Campbell’s is usually the brand that we use and get for free

There are plenty of things that you can get for free, or pretty close to it. You just have to make sure that you take advantage of a good sale and coupon!

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