Top five things to always pack on a vacation 

Top five things to always pack on a vacation

We just got back from vacation and there are some things that I wish I had packed, I thought about most of them but didn’t think I would honestly needed to.

  1. Towels – I love using fresh clean towels and wash cloths. I use 2 (and try to re use them) but I also know that my son and husband use 1 a day. We were forced to wash towels so that we could re use as needed.
  2. Blankets – I love sleeping warm at night so that I can stick my leg out under covers! I mean who doesn’t? I love having my own blankets because it makes me feel right at home.
  3. Pillows – I need to have comfy pillows and have at least 2 for me and 2 for Chris. So with hay being said there wasn’t enough there for either of us to get good sleep.
  4. Paper towels, tissues,  and toilet paper – this is never a bad idea to have in your car or on a trip. You can’t ever have enough either.
  5. Hand soap – we  walked into a place where they used hand soap bar I personally think germs are horrible that way. So I make sure to get the antibacterial pump soap it’s so much easier and cleaner.
  6. BONUS Extra clothes – this is an added bonus you can never pack enough. If you are anything like me you know that I get food on me or my kid gets his food on me or something!!  I always have to have clothes ready for all of not just myself.

I am very particular when it comes to this stuff and doubted that I would need it. But I knew once I got to the place that I should of! Instead we went and spent money on these items when it could of been avoided!

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