Top Five Things to Freeze

Freezing food is such a great option! It helps us out so much. I buy things when they are on sale so that way I can stock up. Freezing food is simple, easy, and fun! The best way to do this is when you find things on sale + have a coupon for it, you can get a lot more from it!

Make sure that you look at the items being purchased and see what the “sell by date” is or “freeze by date.” Grab the items with the best options.  Also, remember to put the ones that are expiring on the top and keep the rest underneath them; this will cause you to not waste anything.

Here is a list of things that we freeze: 

  • Cheese: We usually buy it in bulk and then package them in ziplock bags so that we can use them as needed. I always make sure to write on there how much is in there, the date purchased and the date to use by.
  • Bread: OH my gosh, we could open a bread store. This is one of the greatest things to freeze since it can’t really go bad in the freezer. We  have all sorts of bread in there: hot dog buns, hamburger buns, bread, cinnamon bread, bags, etc. We take them out as needed.
  • Bananas: We freeze these for my son. These do not always last as long, so make sure to use them before they get a watery brown look to them. We take the skin off the bananas and then put it in a ziplock bag. Typically we use them within a week otherwise they wont be as good.
  • Meat: Of course meat! Meat is a duh kind of thing you freeze. We buy the large packaged meat and then of course divide it up into ziplock bags. We put 2-3 in each package, date it, add how many, and when to use it by.
  • Deli Meat:  We buy the pre made kind that is in the fridge section and take it out of the tupperware (leaving it in the plastic bag still) and store it away in the freezer. These can usually a few weeks so make sure to monitor it and use it before it goes bad.

The most important thing about freezing items is to make sure that you use it up before it goes bad + make sure that you label it correctly. You have to monitor items so that you don’t miss the go bad date on it. What is your favorite item to freeze?

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