Top Five Things To Not Buy in Bulk

I’m sure you have your own opinions and are wondering what is your best options when shopping. We named off things to buy in SAMs club in this post! However let’s talk about things to not buy at SAMs:

  1. Condiments: UMM… So have you seen how big a bottle of Ranch is there?! That is WAYY too much to go through and is SUPER unhealthy. Unless you own a restaurant there is no need to get these huge bottles; it will only encourage you to use it all up quicker.. There sometimes can be a variety pack with mustard, ketchup, relish, etc – that is okay to get since the bottles aren’t super huge but stay away from the SUPER large items!!
  2. Electronics: Never have I ran into a sale where on electronics. I have never ever purchased and wont ever. It’s just that simple. You cant buy large televisions at a great price, like food. It is pretty standard for pricing such items. I personally have experienced that they ‘up-price’ their items!
  3. Soda/Drinks: My husband drinks a lot of energy drinks and we thought it would be a great idea to get the huge case of Red Bull! NO it did not last long at all for $25.. That is CRAZY expensive. When you have these kind of items in the fridge you will use it up quick and not even realize it. It is NOT worth it.
  4. Meat (this is hit or miss): If you know your meat then you will know that it is hit or miss.. You have to price per pound and make sure it is well worth it and is tasty. Sometimes when you purchase meat that is more, it doesn’t taste well and vice versa.. Meat is one of those things that is tricky. I find that a local butcher shop can always do the job well. I brought 4 lbs of meatballs from Sams Club, and I STILL  have them all in my freezer… we vary rarely use these!
  5. Clothing: I know that everytime I go in there.. I want to buy clothes, but the truth is that it is over priced! I can usually find the baby carters clothes cheaper elsewhere and somewhere that accepts coupons bringing it to way cheaper!

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