Top Four Things to Do for Self-Care As an Entrepreneur

Self-care is the topic of a lot of conversation these days. People seem to drain themselves because everyone is on overdrive. I know I am one of those people; I am always on overdrive. Being a single mother and entrepreneur means there are still a million things to do. At the end of the day, we need to take care of ourselves to be successful and get the most out of the time.

Self-care gives you the time to clear your mind so that you can step back, reflect, and reorganize. This action is how I get my creativity and focus back. It does not have to be anything extravagant or even take a lot of time, but a few little steps can help you for sure.

Here are the top four things I do for self-care:

  1. TAKE A MIDDAY OR EVENING WALK.: I sit at the computer desk a lot; I sit a lot, period. I need to get my blood flowing, so taking a midday walk can really be helpful. Get the kids, the dog, whatever, and put your phone away and just go for a walk. Take a deep breath and enjoy the scenery around you. It has been so great for my son and me to enjoy this activity.
  2. PREP HEALTHY MEALS: Self-care isn’t always meditating, working out, or getting massages. Sometimes it’s as easy as setting up small ways to care for yourself. As a mother, I am always on the go. If we plan with our meals, we will actually eat and not let ourselves get hangry. Am I right, though? Like really, I know that when I don’t meal prep, I wonder what to eat. Then, I end up going out to get food and overeat because, by that time, I am starving!
  3. UNPLUG FOR 30 MINUTES: I know, I know. I get it. Literally, I have to unwind. This tip means 30 minutes by MYSELF. This time is nothing to do with my son, dogs, housework, etc. The phone and computer get put away. You can truly let your thoughts wander and have some time clearing your mind. You do not need to meditate per se but it is essential to do this step.
  4. BOOK YOURSELF A MASSAGE OR FACIAL: This act of self-care is the super dreamy one that everyone loves. It doesn’t need to happen as much as the other steps. I have learned how to do a facial at home, and it just makes so much of a difference. I can get a new feeling and cool off my face.


To be the best mom and business owner you can be, you must unplug and recharge. I honestly have time blocked off in my calendar so that I take care of these items and myself. It is okay to block this time off AND COMMIT TO IT. What does self-care look like for you?

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  1. Seriously a massage, facial or pedicure does wonders for anyone. I want to make this more of a monthly habit because I feel so much better after! Great tips!

  2. I’ve been making an effort to unplug for 30 minutes before bed each night to spend time reading. It seems to help me feel more relaxed. Walking is my other go-to for self care. Great post!

  3. These are all great ways to add some self-care to your day. I have to remind myself to unplug at the end of the day and relax a little bit.

  4. I just got a FitBit and it has a reminder every hour to walk a certain number of steps. This has really helped me keep moving which creates natural breaks from the other stuff you are doing.

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