True ADHD Mother Struggles.

There has been a lot going on lately. Antonio was diagnosed with ADHD and has been having some issues in school. I knew this day would come. I want to make sure that I have taken action and quickly. As a mother, I always want what is best for my son; I am sure all moms can relate. 

I put out information about trying to see what could help and be best. I am always all about trying something new and different to see what can work. There isn’t going to be one solution that fits all, so when I asked others for suggestions I took a variety of things that we could implement. 

  1. We are trying some medicine. I was concerned about doing this at first but it is a SUPER small amount. It helps him get focused and listen more. He still has some behavior issues that need to be worked out but they aren’t too bad luckily. It is more along the lines of frustration because he tries SO hard.  
  2. We are also trying to change our diet slightly. I have to admit that I haven’t been the best at this. We used to be gluten-free and he used to eat more fruits and vegetables, etc. I make sure to monitor now what he is eating and allow more of the essentials that he needs. It can be an ongoing battle sometimes, but we are working on being healthier. I am in fact learning more about how important certain food is and what can affect the brain. 
  3. We are working out more, and doing it together. I have missed when I was a dancer and also missed when I was in shape. There is a study that being active can help ADHD since they can have extra energy. I have already started to implement new things for us to do as a team. 

Life always has some challenges and I  have learned to take them as they come. It is important to me to keep an open mind and always try new things, especially when it comes to my son. 

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