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Turning the BIG 3-0 + Dirty 30 Birthday Gifts

I am turning 30 y’all. Like, this isn’t cool. I am still trying to understand what 30 even means.

My 20’s were good but, honestly, were trial and error. I married young (married for 10 years). During that time my husband has been in the army and I finished my degrees while in and out of jobs… I just wasn’t where I wanted to be. Overall everything was fine, though.

I don’t regret getting married early, but man these years FLEW by. Our 20’s were reserved for love. Honestly, it was all about us. We waited SEVEN years to have a baby because we wanted to be ‘prepared.’ If I could go back, I would totally have him a year earlier.

But, hey, I do not have any complaints. I am glad with the way things worked out. My son was born when I was 27. I had no idea how to be a mom when he was born. We struggled at this point over lots of situations (mono, autism, moves, ear infections, etc.). I had a MID-LIFE CRISIS at about 28. After I ran that course, I knew I had to get my feet back up on the ground.

As I started to see my son grow each year, I thought, “Holy crap, this is amazing, exciting, fun, and depressing all at the same time”. I imagine the years ahead and how he is going to continue developing, how I keep progressing; everything around us is changing. And now we are thinking about retirement and other fun things. LIKE, when did I become an adult!? Do you ever think back and wonder where the time went? I remember celebrating my 21st birthday like it was yesterday. And what a HUGE milestone it was; now we no longer want to celebrate birthdays!

So… I DOVE into being a business owner and going after my dreams. This is my year to shine and break through and put the b.s behind me! I couldn’t find the right job for me. I knew my strengths and weaknesses. I always had a plan but was scared to dive in. I always had the entrepreneurial mindset and always knew what I was capable of achieving. Maybe I waited because I didn’t think someone would take a twenty-something-year-old seriously?? I don’t know. Maybe I needed all these years to gain experience and prepare me. Everything happens for a reason.

Here’s to being 30 and fabulous. Your 30’s stand for career growth. Preach it, work it, get it!  

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