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Use Location Stickers in Your Stories to Increase Reach

As a branding expert, I only share ideas and tips that I love and adore, and would recommend to anyone. I take a lot of pride in my career and want others around to be successful as well.

It is no surprise that Instagram Stories are popping. If you don’t know that then you will want to catch up on some other blog posts. Instagram stories are used by 500 million users every day, you can use it to your advantage.

Locations stickers indicate that you’re in a particular location and that increases the chance that users searching for that place will see your content.
The best part? Tailwind now lets you schedule IG Stories, so you do not have to think on the spot what to post and can use it based on your content or campaigns.


However, rather than appearing in the main body of search, your Stories will appear in the Stories section – signified by a bright orange circle around the icon at the top of a search. People love this and it is HOT right now.

  1. Here is some ideas for you:
    Try to post a video, rather than a still image.  Although the Instagram algorithm is a closely-guarded secret, evidence suggests that video Stories are favored over still posts for Location Highlights!
  2. Tag yourself in your story! Seems silly. However, it actually helps curious users to navigate to your profile. @Mentioning yourself will give users a button to click to go right to your profile easily.
  3. Choose your location carefully. The more ultra specific you are on your location, the less chance that a wider audience will see it.

Instagram stories are fairly easy to use, and will help generate a new and different audience. So go ahead and use Tailwind to schedule and crush your IG stories.

So are you going to take a risk and try Instagram Stories?—> Join me over in my private little clubhouse for FREE RIGHT NOW, before we no longer accept new members!!


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