Ways to save money this year!

There are plenty of ways for you to save money you just have to know how to shop smart and be aware of ways to ‘cheat’. 


  • Picking the right store with the same quality is critical. We used to go to Walmart because the prices seemed cheaper, but we realized that the meat was not as good as we thought it would be. After much thought we decided to go to Giant Eagle for our meat. I suddenly started to realize that they had more options all over and had much better prices, especially sales!
  • Water…. water… We all know we like water bottles, but in the long run this adds up quick! We used to through a pack a week so thats $3 x 4 =$12 a month minimally. We decided to use water bottles (that were large enough to fill up 2 water bottles) with a water filter in the fridge. We cut expenses wherever we can! PLUS.. another thing is if you are like me you love ice tea, right? Make your own in a pitcher and put it in another bottle for you to take with you instead of getting ice tea.
  • I can’t stress meal planning enough!!! Oh my gosh we are currently working on this all the time. It has saved us time and money. I can know what meat to pull out the nights before or what have you!
  • Use cash back Apps.. This is my favorite favorite way to MAKE money! You heard right!!! Make money grocery shopping? Sign me up. Our favorite is Checkout 51, Ibotta All of these are super easy to use!
  • Cutting back on snacks will help you save money as well! I have limited our snacks to only a few a week that we really truly will eat and that are somewhat healthy. If you are hungry when you go shopping you will buy more (duh) and more snacks!! So make sure you have the strength to turn down the good ones!!
  • Growing your own produce will help you save money.. plus it will be healthier and possibly even last longer. I don’t know about you but I feel like I buy so much produce and never eat it all! I always tell myself that I will, but I never do. We have a tomato plant and cucumber plant outside that I can’t wait to use this  year! We will be able to save money this way with this simple task!

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