We can all learn something from our competitors

A long time ago someone who is very close to me and smart, told me to not look at competition the same way. I thought what does that mean? After much time of being a business owner I have realized that this is now more true than ever. There is NO such thing as a competitor… Hear me out.

Each “competitor” is different. We all have something different and unique. We all have something more personal for each business. If my competitions offer the SAME EXACT THING, they might not get the same price, experience, or professionalism as myself. It is important to be aware of your competitors, but to not feel threaten.


Whenever I travel, I can see different food options, I have to decide which one I want. Do I go with Burger King or Wendys? They both have burgers but each have different branding and tastes. So which one am I in the mood for? I have to choose between this, but I am not limited to either. I can choose one now and one later, but I still go to both and do not close out competitors.

What if I told you that I work with other designers when they have a workflow overload? We need to rely on one another and help each other out. That being said those people I do do design overflow for, I have learned so much from and gained so much insight from it.

The point is that we can help each other and motivate from one another. We can learn something from each other and help cultivate each other. So take it with a grain of salt and understand that your competitor isn’t truly a competitor.


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