What I Love About Being a Single Mom

You know when you are no longer married or have your best friend near you, you start to find and discover yourself all over again. I married young; I was 20 when I tied the knot. I never fully had the experience and independence that most people do in those years because of being married. For 11 years and then some, I thought he was the one and went head over heels for him.

The truth of the matter is that at first, I was, of course, sad and scared when I realized the divorce was going to happen. I felt alone and mad. Despite that, I had to change my mindset. I had to change what I was thinking and figure out how to overcome and gain closure.

Once I started to work on my mindset, I realized that I love being on my own. I LOVE IT!

  1.  Leftovers. I have found that I can save money by eating leftovers. I will actually eat them until they are gone and not mind! Rather than eating them to save money, why waste food?!
  2. No need to cook anything fancy. I don’t need to make full entrees and fancy food that will sit in the fridge for days and be wasted. I used to cook so much, never eat the remainder, and end up throwing it out. Now, some days I don’t really cook at all. We might have sandwiches, pizza, or chicken nuggets. I try to keep our food balanced, don’t get me wrong, but there are days we spoil that a little.
  3. No one to complain. There is nothing worse than coming home after a long day and being nagged. I love being able to wake up in the morning on my own, have those moments alone, and clear my head mentally so I can prep for a great day.
  4. No real need to worry. If the house isn’t clean or the laundry isn’t done, I don’t have to worry about feeling guilty and rushing to tidy. I don’t have to ask for help; I can just do it whenever I get around to it.
  5. Better finances. I know that I don’t go out and spend my money foolishly on anything that I don’t need. The desire to go to the gas station and the store all the time to be happy and spend money vanished. I can manage my money and budget quite well now.
  6. New friendships. When you go through a divorce, you lose friends or remove them from your life because you don’t want to choose sides. You must find new friends that can relate to what you are going through. I have made so many new friends that I couldn’t even imagine living without them.

I have learned to embrace the whole divorce journey and being on my own. You need to find the beauty in a new chapter; otherwise, you will live a miserable life for the rest of your days. I can live the way I want to without feeling bad or guilty about it now.


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  1. I love your outlook on this! Especially love the idea of eating leftovers – I even eat them for breakfast the next day 🙂 Great post!

  2. I love your positive mentality and all of your points listed. I especially love that you don’t have to ask for help, you can just do it whenever you get around to it. How nice!

  3. Great post! I also married young {21} and when my husband left a note on our nightstand and took a bus to Canada after nearly nine years of marriage, I was as lost as a person could be. And then I found myself…I ran a marathon, I got my Master’s, I bought a super fun new car, I took time to get to know ME! I’ve since remarried and this time around, is so much better because I knew who I was as an adult {not just a college-aged kid} and also knew what I needed in a spouse.

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