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What is an entrepreneur? 

We live in a generation where everyone wants to be a business owner, or an entrepreneur. It takes a lot of time and dedication. It never happens over night regardless of what their sales funnel says. I feel like people throw around this word entrepreneur too much. It is one of those words that people just say it and have no clue what it means. People say it when they have a ton of businesses, but non are successful. 

Here’s some thoughts for you to ingest: 

Entrepreneur is a mindset, or a way of thinking; Entrepreneurs just think and do things differently.  They have real streams of income and are always looking for new opportunities.  It means that they know their industry inside out, and use that to exploit  to create new opportunities.  Being an entrepreneur can mean knowing the failures and growth that happens each day.  There are so many opportunities out there for people to start their own business and be successful. If you ask someone what it means, you are going to get a different answer each time. I encourage you to do this, so that you can understand it from a different perspective. 

Here are some ideas that entrepreneurs have: 

1.  Think ahead – Where do you want to be in  five to ten years?   Entrepreneurs are good at thinking and try to have a vision of the future.  They find ways to achieve those goals and put things into action. They are always two steps ahead of someone else, because they see the growth.

2. Working across disciplines – Think about the picture and the impact. Entrepreneurs see opportunities in many different ways and in ways that others might not see it.  The best part though is that they are able to implement it in order to achieve those future goals.

3. Develop transferrable skills – Think about the skills you have and how you can use them daily and differently. Entrepreneurs are very diverse; they are the developer, marketer, salesman and accountant for their idea/service. They know that before they can scale they need to do it their self.

4. Meeting people – Growing a network is critical. A business will not be successful if there is no network, thus no sales.  Just by meeting people and networking you can get sales, collaborations, friendships, and referrals. Never turn someone away or burn a bridge just because you never know.

5. Be in Charge  – Entrepreneurs are generally agile and adaptable. They work around issues and find ways to improve and make things better.  They know when it is time to hire out or let go and make changes. They are constantly evaluating things, to make sure that they are getting a bam for their buck!

6. Take a risk – Taking a risk is the single most important thing any entrepreneur needs to do.  If you do not take a risk, then you aren’t going to move forward. I remember when I hired my sales coach is was a huge risk and a huge investment but I realized it was well worth it.

There are so many traits to being an entrepreneur. It is more than having one business, or two, it’s having the traits to carry out and be successful. I am sure you all have heard the saying have ‘multiple streams of income.’ The only way you can do this though is if one is successful first.


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  1. It is so true that every person you meet will give you a different definition of this word. And in a world full of entrepreneurs I believe it is important to set yourself apart!

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