What would you do with extra money???

Someone asked me the other day what I would do with an extra $100 and then an extra $500 a month. The truth is I am frugal and always turn things down when it comes to money.

So what would I do with this small amount of extra money? It got me thinking. I don’t even know! Would I just save it? Would I invest it? Would I treat myself? I don’t really know! Part of me is like I would save it but then I know I could use it for something!!!

So then I started thinking even further what I would do with$50 extra… that is such a small amount but can be a lot for those who are struggling to make ends meet. Maybe it means getting extra meat, treating their self, or simply buying outfits for kids!

I never thought about all of this until someone asked me… it really has me thinking. As much as I say I would put it into our savings account I honestly think that I would spend it. Currently we need new tires and some car maintence so I think I would use it on that more than anything, or at least put it aside to save for those items!

What would you do with extra money if you had some? 

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