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What’s Holding You Back? In Business Life..

We all face obstacles in life and experience some sort of negativity that brings us down. The other day, I started to think about being successful and what was really holding me back? What does “successful” even mean? What is holding you back from being successful?

Here are my thoughts about what held me back at one time:

  1. Time: There is never enough time. We can plan for things, but there will always be something else. How do I get work done when my son is sick? How do I get the floors cleaned when I have a deadline? How do I manage time for my client work? I use Trello as a way to track my time.
  2. Money: How many times have you said, “if only I had more money, I would do this.” Stop it. Either take a risk or wait, but the timing will never be right. Especially as a business owner.
  3. Clients: I’m not going to take on new clients that don’t pay me well. Truth bomb, you have to build them up. My clients haven’t happened because they started on thousand dollar contracts; no. It’s more along the lines of strategizing first. I have a great on board system and set up automation. 
  4. Overworked, underpaid – FIX IT:I will not cut myself short anymore, and I will make sure to charge what I need. I have to pay taxes, software, and so much more, so I need to make sure that I actually make a profit.

Successful is… being able to make changes and adapt. It’s being able to look forward and make the changes you need to make as a person. So many times, people think of success as having tons of money. While yes, that might be true, there is more to it than that. Manage your time better. STOP doing tasks that aren’t making money or can be pushed back for now.



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