When Impulsive buying is okay.

We all do Impulsive buying at one time or another. We talked about a garden for the longest time! Mother’s Day we went to Lowes for one thing and ended up spending over $200 alone on gardening stuff! What is funny is that my husband said “don’t let me get sidetracked and spend a lot of money.” That we did. We were totally impulsive! I am wondering how I could of prevented it and was trying to justify it.

I don’t really regret it however, I just wish I had it in our budget. We spend $200 on garden stuff including getting a hose, soil, watering can, etc. We did buy a lot of different vegetables and fruits of all kinds. Some were already planted and some were seeds so we ended up spending more than we ever would of thought. Here are a few key things to think about before any large purchase.

  • RESEARCH: Look into prices and what you really truly need. I wish I would of went to a local garden or farmers market before investing in lowes. Don’t get me wrong I love lowes, but I felt like everything was over priced and I could of saved money.
  • PLAN: Plan the garden and how big you want it to be. We ended up having to get a little side fence to block off the garden from the dogs. We had to make sure that we had enough dirt and plants so that it would look good and be functional.
  • LONG TERM: I know that our garden is going to save us money and is going to be the healthiest option! So I know this impulsive spending isn’t that bad compared to something more extreme.

What have you purchased impulsive that actually turned out to be a great expense?

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