Who Can You Trust? Put Yourself First

Who can you trust? Yourself.

You have to be yourself, trust yourself, and always take care of you first. Over the years, I felt like I lost track of who I was. I felt like something was missing. I had everything that I wanted: a husband, son, business… all the things I dreamed of growing up.

The thing is that I somehow lost track of who I was and what I enjoyed. I lost track because I wanted to please and nurture everyone. But I had to stop this because I realized if I wasn’t happy, then are the people around me going to be happy? Even if I have the things that truly make me happy?…

Never put anyone else first. Not your spouse, not your kids, nothing because if you don’t take care of you and love you, then the others won’t. Yes, your kids need you, etc., but if you aren’t taking care of yourself, then how can you take care of them?

How do you take care of you? That is the question. It isn’t that glamorous life where we get to have massages and chocolate. Or is it? But it is more about mindset and setting goals. If you can’t set the goals you want to achieve, then you are not taking care of you.

I listen to podcasts daily, and I change my habits daily. I find one new thing a week to do. I make time for myself, my friends, my husband, my son, and my business. It can be tough… but I learned that I needed to do this. I learned to write down one thing I am thankful for each day. 

I have made adjustments in my life to take better care of myself, and you can do it too. Every little step leads to a big step! What changes are you going to do for YOU? 


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