Why buying in bulk works!

Let’s talk SAMs club! We are almost settling into our new home and I find my mind wondering all the time! It’s like… So much to do and re starting things. We have to literally start like all over, the joy of moving right?!

Here is a list of things we get from SAMS because of how great their prices are:




-Paper Towels

-Toilet Paper

-Clorox Wipes


-Air Fresheners


-Red Bull


-Dish Soap

The main things that we get from SAMs club is things in bulk, duh. We only go for things that can actually last. The only thing is that when you go there expect to spend money! You don’t go there to spend a few dollars, it is usually a large amount for great deals.

We find that when we buy paper towel or toilet paper from SAMs it lasts seriously six months. That is a super long time and helps us save money. I don’t know how many times I brought paper towel at a store and went through it that quick!!! It makes you wonder! Compare prices and the lbs to make sure that you are getting a good deal!

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