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Why everyone needs a vacation

I know some people say that they can’t afford a vacation but let me tell you it doesn’t have to be anything special.

You need a vacation to relax and get your mind off things. We took our first family vacation with my son this year (he’s two!) he kinda knows but doesn’t. Regardless I want to have those memories and photos.

I was sitting with my husband while my parents had Antonio and my brother were playing corn hole. It was like the deepest conversation we had in months. It wasn’t about Antonio either. I asked him if he was having fun his response was I’m relaxing and got to spend time with Antonio. As a parent you know that you don’t always get these moments together.

My heart was melting; I loved watching them at the beach. I love seeing the different faces on him as he explores. I love how he holds both our hands on the beach. I love it all and fought back a few years because of how beautiful and precious life truly is.

I don’t care if I have to work twice as hard to take a vacation; this is better than any tangible gift you can ever give. Even if your child might not remember it, you will have the memories and photos to share it as they get older. It does more than this though you can clear your mind and have a great time away from life.

My goal is to take a leaf one vacation a year. I think about it like this… think of how much we spend on tangible items instead of the memories and time together…. we could fix that and actually be able to all afford a vacation.

When is the last time you had a vacation? 

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