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Why taking a Walk Without Your Cell Phone is a Must

Lately I haven’t been on my phone as much at least I don’t think so. It’s hard to get your mind and body away from it. I realized that my phone dies quicker now because I need a new one so this is good for me because I take breaks from it and don’t worry about it as much. 

I have started to take more walks especially with Antonio we love it a lot. So when we take walks I literally leave my phone at home. I don’t want to worry about responding to people or anything. Honestly at first I got major anxiety about this, but as time went on I was happy that I left it at home.

I want to enjoy the little hand holding my hand. I want to talk to Antonio and give him my un divided attention. I want to give him the world. When I take a walk I feel that I give him these things!! I can actually sit there and enjoy the things around me including my son.

No one will need you while you take a walk it will still be there when you get back. Facebook and instagram will be fine too without you… If they do need you they will leave a message and you will call them back. It’s that simple! I remember when I was a kid I didnt have any electronics like ever, and that is how I want Antonio to grow up. Of course he can have some electronics but I want him to be able to enjoy the outdoors like I did when I was little.

You can really enjoy the surroundings and realize how beautiful life and nature is! Try it! Make sure to try a different route when you get bored with your current one; explore the world around you and take note of it!

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    1. haha!!! yes… if you are in your own area though where you feel safe its not as hard. But, putting it in a backpack is another great idea. I just don’t like to be on it all the time when there is so much more to enjoy

  1. Great idea! I go on walks with my kids in the evenings to get the mail, and maybe—just maybe!—I’ll attempt to leave my phone at home next time.

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