Why we changed our TV entertainment.

Since Antonio is autistic we had to change our way of doing things a little. The biggest thing was watching tv. What can he watch and when? If he throws a tantrum when I turn off the tv then he needs to understand that’s not okay.

He can watch tv I’m not going to take that away from him, but we are much more strategic in what he is watching. He can only watch it for one hour and that’s before bed time when he’s winding down and drinking his milk!

We stopped watching Mickey Mouse. He loves it period. However, he appreciates when he can watch it now much more than ever before. He recognizes Mickey loves him. He still lights up when he sees anything Mickey and recognizes it quickly.

We only allow one hour of tv a day that’s it! In that hour we watch Sesame Street or Curious George. At first neither of these interest Antonio, but it took sometime to get used to it and actually enjoy it. Here are a few reasons why we switched it over and loved it!


Both of these shows were much more learning interactive and educational. We learned the letter of the day and what that letter could be used for in real life. It grabbed his attention for longer periods.

They have realistic problem solving. With Mickey they always relied on toodles where as here it was about finding ways to do things on your own. Curious George is a great example of this because of the fact that he wasn’t always smart but did problem solve.

They have really good catchy songs for learning. Antonio loves music and can instantly relate music to learning now. They have great catchy songs that are about learning .. “the letter of the day is.. “ we love that song and he instantly stops for it!

These shows holds my kids attention. Let’s face it, sometimes he is hard to please. Mickey did too but these ones hold it in a different way. With
Mickey he would get stimulated where as these ones were just about him watching it and sitting still.

These are both still cartoons but has everyday life lessons such as counting and letters and even daily routines etc. Your child can learn from them a lot, and I am happy that we have found these programs to learn from.

View some of our favorite items for autistic kids.

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  4. potty songs 

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