Why we only allow one hour of tv a day

It can be rough sometimes to get away from the tv. After all most times there isn’t much on that is new and exciting unless it’s one of our faves during the week.Here’s what I do know… tv needed to be cut back along with phone time. I realized I was on both a lot and not being effective with my time.

Antonio started a new program and also a day program where I had to absolutely make sure my time was well managed. I had to make sure I was on top of it.  Not to mention they stated that he shouldn’t be watching a lot of tv and named which ones were good. So we made a change that day. We cut our Mickey and only allow one hour of tv a day (myself included!)


I feel like if I have to change things for my kid I want to do it for myself too! I want to make sure that it is cohesive and flows through out all of us in the house. When we started to do this I realized the following things!

  • It forces us to have a conversation. I’ll tell you what we all talk. There aren’t any distractions from the tv or phone! But when we realized that we had to talk we were forced to really listen. My husband was talking and I really truly felt like we were connected and not rushed!
  • It forces us to enjoy silence. Sometimes life is busy and we just need to sit down and enjoy things and take it all in. But we also need to realize that silence is okay. This allowed us to play games (insert here) and even allowed us to play with Antonio one on one. Tv can suck the life right out of all of us for sure.
  • It forces us to find things to do. We got sick of doing nothing real quick so we were forced to call on friends and go out. I know his might sound crazy but this happens to so many people! People can sucked into technology (tv, phones, tablet etc) it’s okay sometimes. Just stick to a schedule of how often and what you want to watch.

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  1. I love the idea of this. I find myself locked at home watching TV for hours on end, or staying up way too late watching shows. Limiting TV time is a great practice.

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