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Why Your Child Needs a Sport, Activity, or Preschool

People cringe when you say, “My kid is in daycare/preschool.” I don’t understand why. I know some people have grandparents or friends who are able to cut back on expenses and actually make sure the children are cared for and having fun. However, I think that they should have at least three days a week of some sort of school activity.

I have had my son in some sort of program since he was about a year old. I work from home and I still manage to put him into programs just because he needs that socialization. He learns so much from others, he enjoys going, and he actually imitates them!

It makes me happy knowing that I drop him off and he gets to interact with other kids his age. The mingling really does help. People sometimes don’t like their kid being around other kids because they might get sick or whatnot. But it actually builds their immune system. My son used to be sick all the time. We feed him the right foods, clean his hands, and give him vitamins so that he doesn’t get as sick as often.

There is always going to be that chance of them getting sick. I think it’s better for kids to get an early start rather than tackling illness when they are older.

Above all else, children seriously gain so much from daycare, preschool, or an activity. If they participate in a program, they form the habit of a schedule and routine. They also learn from their peers and get to explore things differently than they do at home.

Here are some great items to have when putting your kid into a program. 

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  1. This is totally true. We homeschool so we don’t utilize school or daycare. But, we sure do use outside activities: scouting, church, co-op, swim team, robotics club, etc etc. etc. Love it.

  2. Love the passion! There really are so many benefits to interacting with others. Great insight on kids getting sick. They manage to even when they stay in!

  3. Seriously, I have to laugh when I hear parents make comments about their kids getting sick from other kids. 🤦🏻‍♀️ There is always an opportunity to get sick! I work from home too, and we go to a few weekly social groups, where my boys get to hang out for a few hours with other kids their ages, and mama gets to interact with other mamas, and it benefits all of us big time!

  4. I think all parents need to be sensitive to do what’s right for their family. I love having my kids in activities where they’re able to interact with other kids and adults. It really does help with socialization skills.

  5. I tend to come from the other “camp” on this..my kids do activities but family time and down time come as a first priority and I would be okay with my young ones not doing any major or regular activities. But I like reading your points and think they definitely stand true for a lot of kids!

  6. I’m starting to realize I’d like my son to have some sort of ‘school’ time. He’s 2 and my mom watches him, which I’m so grateful for. I think it would greatly benefit him socially and educationally.

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